WOW, WOW, WOW! Major confusion about facebook profile pages and facebook product pages! So what's the difference?

- By Hajni Blasko, Online Book Publicist at Substance Books

It's all in the terminology. After running a few tests and polls on facebook, it became evident to me that most authors cannot tell the difference or don't know if they have a profile page or a product page. I hope these few paragraphs will clarify the issue.

In order to use facebook, you as a person have to create a profile. This is your profile page. It's unfortunate that I need to use the word page, since this little 4 letter word is the reason for so much confusion in the first place.

If you are an author or a person providing a service or selling a product, you've probably ventured into creating a product page. Product pages are not about you or who knows you, but rather about what you do. Pages will have different functions from personal profiles and will allow you to have apps and other wonderful interactive gadgets to customize them to your needs.

The quickest way to determine what sort of facebook template you have at the moment is by taking a look at the URL / web address on the top. If you see the word "page" within, then you have a page. Otherwise you don't, unless you have registered a username (also known as facebook sub-domain) for your page. If you're wondering what that means, chances are that you haven't.

If your page allows people to become your friends, that's a profile page. If visitors are able to "Like" your page, that's a product page.

Product pages may have their own registered usernames, custom welcome pages and other iFrame tabs.
For example, you could:
- offer fan-only coupon codes
- showcase specific products with call to action links
- share your Twitter feed in real time
- bring in your blog's RSS feed
- share your company philosophy
- run polls and contests
- create a video archive or a photo gallery.
The possibilities are endless. This is why I decided to offer free facebook author pages to all my new clients. They will be able to handpick the apps they wish me to install for them and make changes if needed. There's a catch, though: authors will have to do their best to promote their pages and titles. But isn't that what we're all here to do?
Submit your book now and get your free facebook author page.    If you already have a page, get another one!
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