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Discuss book sales with Book Publicist, Hajni Blasko      Discuss book sales with Book Publicist, Hajni Blasko      Discuss book sales with Book Publicist, Hajni Blasko      Discuss book sales with Book Publicist, Hajni Blasko

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"Hajni is a consummate professional with a keen eye for painstaking detail. Her online marketing skills guarantee success for any published author who cares to engage her services. She also places a high premium on commitment and reliability. Publicists simply don't come any better than Hajni." - Dr. Yomi Garnett

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"Substance Books is the first place an author should put his/her publicity money. It will be well spent. Great bang for the buck." D H Brown: Honor Due, Honor Defended

"Thanks so much for not only my book's publicity, but for your advice as well. It is so nice that there are people out there one can still trust, and rely on." A. Alex Come': Killing Blue Eyes

If you are not happy with your number of sales per day, contact our publicity team to discuss the possibilities.

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