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Military Fiction sub-category tags: Global Political Thriller .:. Roman Military Adventure .:. Afghan War .:. American Civil War .:. Military Fiction .:. Christian Fiction Novels .:. Military Thrillers .:. 36BC China .:. War on Terror .:. Military Mystery .:. Vietnam .:. Tutankhamen .:. Hittite Culture .:.
Military Fiction title tags: Behind the Lies .:. The Sign of the Eagle .:. The Wolf of Britannia Part I & II .:. The Chaplain's Assistant .:. Ahuitzotl
Military Fiction author tags: Jess Steven Hughes .:. JT Caldwell .:. Richard Barager .:. Joe Smiga .:. Janet Morris .:. H. Allenger

Featured Military Adventure Novels:
Roman Historical adventure

Roman Historical adventure

Roman Historical adventure

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