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feedback on publicity services
author and publishers

"I just want to say thank you. I am learning so much about book marketing and gaining so much confidence since being in your group and retaining your publicity services. My book sales are up, my reviews are up and even Cheryl Richardson from Hay House stopped by my author page and left a comment....Life is good and gets better and better. Thank you from a fledgling author who is finding her wings!" - Substance Author Genie Lee Perron.

feedback on publicity services

"Hajni is a consummate professional with a keen eye for painstaking detail. Her online marketing skills guarantee success for any published author who cares to engage her services. She also places a high premium on commitment and reliability. Publicists simply don't come any better than Hajni." - Dr. Yomi Garnett - January 28, 2013

feedback on publicity services

author feedback on publicity services

"I would also like to thank Hajni Blasko for working with me as well as my online publicist. Like Todd, Hajni was one of those situations where there were a lot of different people I could've picked but it was no contest. I just knew she was the one. I wanted to work with her way before I was anywhere close to needing a publicist and now I am. And I'm thrilled. She is top of the line."

"I personally believe that it is well worth the money
invested to have such exposure on the web."
- John R. Garland author of: Endor the Wizard

"Hajni is a master of what she does." - Daniel Berghoff

"I am still selling books and I credit this to your good work.
Hope you can keep it up one more year." - K. A Alison author of: Life on a Rock

"Guru of the publishing world, every author should know about her."
- April Thomas

"Thanks so much for not only my book's publicity, but for
your advice as well. It is so nice that there are people out there one
can still trust, and rely on."
- A. Alex Come' author of: Killing Blue Eyes

"Substance Books has been superb. The customer service is great and their service is prompt. I especially appreciated receiving the personal attention of the owner. Thank you Substance Books." - Miranda Conyers author of: Daddy Please Don't Cry

"Substance Books is the first place an author should put his/her publicity money. It will be well spent. Great bang for the buck." - Big River Press - D. H. Brown
Publisher of: Honor Due, Honor Defended, The Dead Husband, Standing the Watch

"I love what you've done. Thank you! Not only do I appreciate your effort but your accompanying instructions are so helpful too!" Leona DeRosa Bodie
author of: Shadow Cay

"Substance Book Publicity has helped me a great deal achieve my goal in many ways. I truly appreciate all of your staffs effort and eagerness to help authors like me. You know Miss Hajni, a lot of my sales were because of you. As I travel throughout this land I can't help but remembering how kind you and your staff were to me in Washington D.C. Here I was a fish out of water and you and your staff took the time to talk to me. Now my name and book are all over the web. On many search engines I am at the top or on the first page. Who did this? It wasn't me alone. Thank You and Your Staff Ever So Kindly" - GoalMinds Inc - Jim Stewart
Publisher of: The Voices Within Us

inspirational children author
Listen to interview segment (2min.) with Lee Ann Owen Butler on Advice Radio commenting on Substance Books. - Lee Ann Owen Butler, Publisher of: Colleen's Doll House

"Thanks to help from your superb publicity our book sales are quite fantastic." - Forest Hairston author of: Spirit Ran Free

"You guys were a great discovery!" - K Patrick Malone, author of Inside A Haunted Mind

"This company is genuine, sincere, and very professional. Give them a look and your book sales a boost." - William W. Koonce, author of The Tall Man in the Hat

"I can only praise your company for their courteous and very professional services. It is just great that Hajni has listed Troubadours of God within her personal book recommendation. This book was received by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and was bought by Hans Ucko of the World Council of Churches, seeing it is seeking to bring hearts together in an age when religions are so decisive when viewed without understanding their esoteric content. I am very grateful to Hajni and yourself for your courtesy and your interest. Your company is first class." - Gladys O'Rorke, Author of Troubadours of God

AMAZON REVIEW    Marvelous Site!

"If you enjoy good books, then Substance Books Inc. is THE place for you! Even prior to my book being listed on Substance Books, I was a regular visitor to the site.
I highly recommend it to everyone interested in good books such as readers, authors, librarians, booksellers and all other interested parties." - John E. Cother, Author of Fear of Spiders

AMAZON REVIEW    Great Internet Bookseller site !

"The Substance Books website has been helpful in many ways in promoting my book. I've engaged the site owner in numerous promotional activities such as book fairs and holiday giveaway projects. As well, they have helped me build my own website at

I've had a great increase in traffic to my own site due to these efforts, as well as have found a place for my book directly on the Substance Books website. The site is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and full of great ideas for increasing sales, marketing, and exposure. I recommend it to all serious internet booksellers." - Dennis Gilmour, Author of The Unveiling

AMAZON REVIEW    Effective, responsive and impactful site

"I can rate this site both as an author and a customer.

Any site can only be as good as the person behind it. I found Hajni to be very responsive to me, as an author; I feel that she wants me to succeed, and she's been very generous with her talent on my behalf. On a practical level, I can see the referrals (clicks) to my website from Substance Books Inc., and the number is steady and growing each month.

I have also used the site as a consumer, because first and foremost I am an avid reader. I found the book reviews concise and informative, the collections -genres- well defined, and the design of the sites well done. Overall, perusing for something to read was a pleasure." - Grigor Fedan, Author of Dream Maker

AMAZON REVIEW    Excellent Website for Authors!

"Substance books is an excellent website for authors and readers. The site is very informative and easily navigated. Authors' needs are a priority, and there are a myriad of promotional projects to become involved in." - Rene' Jackson RN BSN MS, Author of The Death of Mammography

"Substance Books Inc. is a class act. In the cut-throat world of publishing, it's a delight to find a website which not only gives the independent publisher a place to display titles to an eager public, but does it attractively and professionally and very personally. With "buy this book" links back to the publisher's own Website, visitors are encouraged to act on their initial impulse -- definitely a savvy technique. But it's not just a display site. In addition to showcasing our books on the Substance Books Inc. site, Hajni generously suggested HTML tweaks to optimize our own company Website for search engines. Joining with Hajni and Substance Books Inc. has proven to be one of our most valuable and satisfying business ventures. Thanks from the heart, Hajni!" - Irene Brady, Author of The Redrock Canyon Explorer    Beaver Year    Wild Babies

"Hajni, Bobby and I are very proud of being associated with Substance Network and Book Promoter. You have done a fantastic job helping to promote our books ever since we joined a few years ago. We have been more than pleased. Thank you for all of your promotional efforts." - Bobby & Kam Ruble, Authors of Have No Mercy    Black Rosebud

I would recommend Substance Books Inc. to any self-publisher!
"Working with Hajni, is very easy and she gets the job done on a very timely basis. I have been signed up with Substance Books Inc. since October 2004 and I feel that the support on this site is wonderful!
Thank-you very much for your outstanding support and continued superb assistance!!"
- Deidre Dorsett, Author of The Purple Moon

"As a new author, building relationships with "like minded" promotions is the key to paving the road to success. Substance Books Inc.-Web Promoter Hajni, is a light that embraces diversity and welcomes creative works that benefit all. I applaud the efforts of this company and feel blessed to be showcased on their site." - Lee Ann Butler-Owens, Founder and Chairman Lullalee Publications and Author of Colleen's Doll House"

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