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Online Book Publicity Services Promoting Ia Uaro and her Romantic Young Adult novel Sydney's Song

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Amazon Bestselling Author: Ia Uaro
Sydney's Song
Tragedy strikes when an accident leaves Pete with a major brain injury in a Boston hospital. When the going gets very, very tough, will you abandon the one who has promised to love you until he dies?

Set in Sydney and Boston where heartbreaks are juxtaposed with humor, Sydney’s Song by Ia Uaro is a humorous fiction, adventure, coming of age, and love story that follows an undefeatable girl's courageous journey to adulthood.
"Sydney’s Song a warm and enjoyable coming-of-age tale." - KIRKUS REVIEWS
Book tags: Ia Uaro Sydney's Song fiction young new adult YA Socio fiction coming-of-age coming of age Australia Sydney romance romantic comedy humor love story socio-fiction publicity marketing promotion advertising
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