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Online Book Publicity Services Promoting Ralph L. Angelo Jr. and his novel: Conflagration - Book 2 of The Cagliostro Chronicles

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Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
The Cagliostro Chronicles Book 2
But monsters and savage natives are not the only things hiding on this new and terrible world. Threat after threat exists here, including a malevolent presence whose exact designs are unknown, but will play a major factor in whether more than one member of the crew continues to survive.
Yet, even this terrible creature is not the greatest threat the Cagliostro will face upon this world, for there is a hidden secret here; one that could mean the end of mankind and all life upon the Earth.
But the forces on this world are not all that are conspiring against Mark Johnson and the Cagliostro. For in deep space, within another dimension, something evil has seen the crew and it hungers…
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