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Tick-borne Diseases Awareness Guide Promoted by Online Book Publicity

Great Health Guide Promoted by Online Book Publicity
Amazon Bestselling Author: Nora D'Ecclesis
Many of the tick-borne diseases alter the life of someone who has been bitten but they can also kill. In addition more veterinary specialists are seeing similar horrors with dogs, cats, cattle and other livestock. Tick-borne is a book written for the lay person to better understand what some are calling a plague from the tiny parasite that has been walking the earth for millions of years. The best we can do at this point is prevention and education.
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Book tags: Nora D'Ecclesis, Tick-Borne bestseller books guide diseases information Alpha-gal Parasitology guide transmitted diseases United States tick bites self-help prevention education down-to-earth medical Amazon bestseller infectious disease publicity marketing promotion advertising