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Young & New adult paranormal sub-category tags: Socio Fiction .:. Epic Wizard Adventure .:. Epic Historical Fantasy Adventure .:. Magical Fantasy .:. Science Fiction Fantasy .:. Spiritual Fantasy .:. Humor .:. Paranormal Romance .:. Sci-fi Adventure .:. Magical Romance Adventure .:. Alien Adventure .:. Native American Adventure .:. Natural-born Vampires .:. Dark Fairy Tales Adaptation
Young & New adult paranormal title tags: Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls .:. To Live and Die for Dance .:. Hath No Fury .:. On the Edge of Destiny .:. Out of The Ashes .:. Girls Can't Be Knights .:. The Original Lost Boy: Heroes Aren't Always What They Seem
Young & New adult author tags: S. B. Alexander .:. Hal Rappaport .:. Elizabeth Revill .:. Lorraine Carey .:. Christopher Holloway .:. Francine Paino .:. Lee French .:. C.L. Bush

Featured Young and New Adult Paranormal Novels. Click on covers to learn even more!
Paranormal Mystery
Girls Can't Be Knights - Book One
Portland has a ghost problem. Sixteen-year-old Claire wants her father back. His death left....
Kindle / PB
Paranormal Mystery
Backyard Dragons - Book Two
Now genuinely a Spirit Knight, sixteen-year-old Claire wants to know everything about the job. Fate dumps a dragon on...
Kindle / PB
Ethereal Entanglements - Book Three
Now that the Spirit Knights' demesne has accepted sixteen-year-old Claire into the order, she only has to convince...
Kindle / PB

The Original Lost Boy: Heroes Aren't Always What They Seem
What if you found out that one of your favorite heroes from childhood was ...
Kindle / PB
C.L. Bush
On the Edge of Destiny - Book Three
How far would you go to save a loved one? Natural-born vampires are born not made...
S. B. Alexander
Paranormal Mystery
Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
Cornelius Phipps is a man caught in a web of despair. Utkena is a demon seeking vengeance. Sanjukta is...
Kindle / PB
To Live and Die for Dance
Chelly Bernardi is driven. Her desire to dance is all consuming but she must overcome many....
Kindle / PB

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