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Contemporary and Literary Fiction sub-category tags: Metaphysical Short Stories .:. Poetry .:. Contemporary Indian Fiction .:. Current Issues .:. Midlife Romance .:. Satire .:. Friendship .:. Humor .:. Humorous Stories .:. Contemporary American Literature .:. Contemporary Canadian Literature .:. Short Stories .:. Political Humor .:. Coming of Age .:. Spiritual Comedy .:. Dark Comedy .:. Comedic Adventure .:. Literary Adventure .:. Inspirational Poetry Travel Adventure .:. Spiritual Journey .:. African American .:. Love, Death and Relationships .:. Contemporary Thriller .:. Coming-of-Age .:. Inspirational Journey .:. Historical Adventure .:. British Black Humour .:. Socio Fiction .:. 1970's Irian Jaya .:. American Cultural Journey

Contemporary and Literary Fiction title tags: Sydney's Song .:. Voices In My Head .:. Triangle of Hope .:. Against The Tide .:. Shadows On The Moon .:. Rainbows In The Clouds .:. Whispers On The Wind .:. Thunder In The Sun .:. Well With My Soul .:. Letters Between Us .:. Awakened by Fate .:. Something Came Up .:. The Lion Trees .:. A Story of Becoming: An Inspiring Fantasy fable

Contemporary and Literary Fiction author tags: Ia Uaro .:. Elizabeth Revill .:. Owen Thomas .:. Lynn Lawler .:. Michael Meyer .:. Ayn Cates Sullivan

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