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The Maxwell Series Boxed Set

Dare to Kiss, Dare to Dream, Dare to Love

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This special boxed set includes three full-length novels--Dare to Kiss, Dare to Dream, and Dare to Love each with an escalating love story that is heart-warming, passionate, and suspenseful.

Tragedy has a way of bringing people together.

The Maxwell brothers are every girl's dream—sexy, brilliant, and unavailable to any woman but each brother's one true love.

Dare to Kiss and Dare to Dream focus on Kade Maxwell and Lacey Robinson. Their story is more than a love story. Theses two full-length novels are about family, dreams, overcoming obstacles, struggling through loss, tearing down walls, and trusting the most vulnerable part of a person—the heart.

Dare to Love follows Kelton Maxwell and Lizzie Reardon. Their story is about first love, lost loves, and everlasting loves, and the chemistry between Kelton and Lizzie jumps off the pages as they embark on a journey to find themselves and each other.

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