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Juliane Weber
Juliane is a scientist turned historical fiction writer. The first book in The Irish Fortune Series is a tale of love, betrayal, rebellion, and intrigue set in 19th century Ireland around the time of the Great Famine. Inspired by epic sagas and family dramas, Juliane takes readers on action-packed romantic adventures amid the scenery, folklore, myths, and legends of Victorian Ireland. - Juliane Weber
Books: Under the Emerald Sky

Book tags: series Ireland Irish the Great Famine history historical novel romance romantic nineteenth 19th century love story Victorian potato Britain imperialism family drama saga rebellion County Tyrone love betrayal intrigue England English British army folklore legends Gaelic poor peasants injustice hunger hungry starving starvation aristocracy aristocrats drama heart-wrenching action-packed

Gail Rose Thompson
Gail Rose Thompson grew up in Ontario, Canada on a horse farm with lithe horses as her companions. The novel equine world was her main interest though she was an educated woman who taught school for years before writing her romance novel. She travelled to the Middle East for an interesting time in romantic Persia, taking an influential position in Tehran, training the shah's horses. - Gail Rose Thompson
Books: Two Worlds Apart

Book tags: multiculturalism multicultural inspirational love romantic horses riding showing training historical story Tehran young women women's fiction coming of age coming-of-age 1970s Iran Shah Persian people culture Middle Eastern literature equestrian stallion mare Muslim Farsi Saratoga Esfahan Caspian Sea Hafez Rumi New York Vernal Equinox adventure

Patricia Hamilton Shook
Patricia Hamilton Shook was born in Massachusetts and, while she has lived there most of her life. As a psychologist, she combines her professional expertise with an interest in women's literary fiction, mystery and spirituality--along with a love of Cape Cod that dates back to childhood--to inform her debut novel Seeking Glory. - Patricia Hamilton Shook
Books: Seeking Glory

Book tags: literary cozy mystery adventure women's fiction cozy-mystery family drama saga maritime Cape Cod romantic adventure strong female characters spirituality US family saga American family saga Maritimes novel coastal seaside publicity marketing book promotion

Karen Shughart
Karen’s mystery thrillers are suspenseful Cozies with historical subplots set in a maritime coastal village where Ed DeCleryk is hired to investigate several murders. Karen writes clean fiction, but her mysteries do have plenty of action, adventure and surprises. Karen loves cooking and adds a personal touch in her books with recipes prepared by her characters to spice up the investigation. - Karen Shughart
Books: Edmund DeCleryk Mystery Series Murder in the Museum and Murder in the Cemetery

Book tags: murder mysteries archaeological historical mystery criminal case coastal cozy mystery cozies gourmet cooking quaint village setting Lake Ontario Upstate New York lighthouses Canada England female police chief detective crime surprise endings maritime stormy nights historic history revolutionary war shipwrecks war 1812 community cemetery museum grave whodunit

Jeff Bacon
Jeff Bacon, the author of The Darkside of Good, a supernatural dark urban fantasy thriller series that pits good against evil as the battle of Armageddon approaches. Bacon integrates historical mythology to weave a story that makes you ponder modern issues. Stories of the occult, angels, demons, magic and his love of Norse and Greek mythology combined into a supernatural occult action thriller. - Jeff Bacon
Books: The Darkside of Good

Book tags: supernatural dark urban fantasy thriller series adventure historical Norse Greek mythology occult fallen angels demons magic supernatural action thriller action-adventure military SF sci-fi demigods dark humor humorous violence urban grim fantasy epic gory horror witches evil Nephilim science alternate history myths mythical veterans vets Gothic suspense romance

Michael Jack Webb
Michael Jack Webb graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida obtaining his J.D. from the same university. A multiple award winning best selling author, he writes riveting fast-paced historical supernatural conspiracy dark mystery suspense thrillers featuring angels demons spiritual warfare adventure action prophecy spanning biblical metaphysical paranormal and crime fiction. - Michael Jack Webb
Books: THE WAR OF MEN AND ANGELS Book 1 & 2 The Oldest Enemy

Book tags: supernatural conspiracy paranormal thriller dark mystery suspense exorcism demons spiritual warfare fantasy action adventure action-adventure ancient evil conspiracy intelligence agency spies riveting fast-paced spy historical Middle East political assassin prophecy murder demonic manifestation religious biblical metaphysical Christian Michael Jack Webb The Oldest Enemy

Ian Worrall
Ian Worrall is the author of No Remorse No Regret a fast paced vigilante justice crime thriller novel that has everything an action-adventure thriller reader would love to read - a serial killer, kidnapping, a female vigilante and a war between two organized crime groups. - Ian Worrall
Books: No Remorse No Regret - The Counterstriker's Revenge Series Book 1

Book tags: thriller suspense organized crime vigilante justice serial killers murder revenge kidnapping psychological police procedurals police hunt action packed fast paced action-adventure Russian mobster escapism novel author publicity marketing promotion how-to reach readers sell marketing publicist category Amazon tips book publicity No Remorse No Regret Ian Worrall

F. R. Hotchkiss
Yale graduate F. R. Hotchkiss takes great pride in his romantic novels with a twist of mystery in them to leave readers entranced until the often bittersweet end. He avoids dark personalities so popular today, but rather creates straightforward ordinary people who plunge into uncommon and unheralded situations that leave them trying to resolve them happily. - F. R. Hotchkiss
Books: Playing With Fire - A New York Novel

Book tags: novel fiction romantic thriller suspense contemporary adventure passion passionate obsession love loving sex affair passion drama gay romance death tragic advertising business executive CEO successful deception uplifting New York Manhattan Madison Avenue Connecticut German condemnation urban redemption sophisticated book promotion marketing

Stephanie Noble
For decades Stephanie Noble has been guiding meditation students and readers in awareness, compassionate self-inquiry, and gentle self-transformation. She has a friendly accessible style with life-enhancing messages that guide readers to cultivate greater ease, authenticity, and happiness. In her book, she distills these teachings into a concise companion to help readers meet any challenge. - Stephanie Noble
Books: Asking In: Six empowering questions only you can answer

Book tags: inner freedom well-being wellness mental health contentment peace authenticity awareness guide happiness workbook meditation practice empowerment enlightenment wisdom insight personal transformation self-understanding self-reflection self-inquiry self-discovery self-exploration self-acceptance self-esteem book marketing publicists book promotion marketing

Irwin Wislesky
Irwin Wislesky has lived most his life as an engineer, working around the world. He was and still is intrigued with adventure, time travel and spirituality which all aligned on a trip to Peru. Those initial images brewed in his mind, catalyzed by his scientific interests, into his first science fiction novel. The writing process was a trip where he searched for the true details of historic events. - Irwin Wislesky
Books: Invisible Footprints in Time?

Book tags: spiritual connection connectivity alignment fantasy time travel time-travel YA novel human spirit spirituality science fiction SF afterlife past present future energy humanity heroine history historical adventure life energy past life regression near-death experience life between lives ya young new adult book marketing publicists book promotion marketing

Lucky Ringwood
Historical fiction, family saga, and literary noir are Lucky’s favorite genres. This coming-of-age tale validates profound storytelling talent, historical accuracy, family folklore, and broad-based experiences. Her inspirational rags-to-riches tale of the Dust Bowl migration on Route 66, the “Mother Road,” is a spellbinding saga of risk-takers, dreamers, pitfalls, passion, and second chances. - Lucky Ringwood
Books: Desert Prophets - A spellbinding historical saga

Book tags: Las Vegas Southern California Dust Bowl WWII Paris Alabama Route 66 Mother Road Nevada Long Beach Iowa Great Depression Midwest Southwest desert American family saga historical inspirational story literary noir fiction novel addiction alienation corruption alcoholism gangsters gambling poverty book marketing publicists book promotion marketing

Karen Ann Bulluck
Karen Ann Bulluck has always been fascinated by people, spirituality, and stories of success and failure in fiction and life. She was a successful corporate leader and holds an MS in Organization Leadership. Karen now focuses on writing inspirational fiction and coaching others to embrace freedom and joy in their leadership and their lives. She is the author of Ascending Ladders, an Inspirational Novel, and a contributing author of the Amazon Bestseller: Significant Women: Leaders Reveal What Matters Most. - Karen Ann Bulluck
Books: Ascending Ladders - An Inspirational Novel

Book tags: contemporary inspirational women's professional and personal growth work life balance in business happiness culture conflict resolution mediation women in leadership values ethics spirituality spiritual ethical journey corporate career workplace authority leadership integrity humanity balance how-to author book marketing publicists book promotion marketing

M.K. McDaniel
Hospitalized for ARDS (lung failure) in 1999, M.K. was placed on a ventilator and into a drug-induced coma. A Dark Near-Death Experience occurred, and although mostly traumatic, the Heavenly bliss shifted her religious beliefs to a deep spirituality. M.K. credits the International Assn. of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) group for her acceptance and integration of the NDE, allowing the joy of her purpose to emerge. - M.K. McDaniel
Books: Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat - Lessons from a Dark Near-Death Experience and How to Avoid Hell in the Afterlife

Book tags: memoir inspirational inspiring ventilator lung failure drug-induced coma trauma Dark Near-Death Experience Afterlife International Association of Near-Death Studies IANDS NDE occult hell heaven demons Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ARDS survivor spirituality love evil forgiveness purgatory eternity faith intriguing suffering joy persist resist everlasting duty thought-provoking marketing publicist

Paulette Dale Ph.D.
Paulette Dale Ph.D. is a self-possessed, reknowned role-model and leader on assertive communication and female empowerment. Her popular self-help and self-improvement books on assertiveness and effective communication have helped thousands speak up, including professional and businesswomen, and develop high self-esteem, confidence, self-assurance, and a sense of dignity they never thought possible. - Paulette Dale Ph.D.
Books: Did You Say Something, Susan? How Any Woman Can Gain Confidence With Assertive Communication

Book tags: communication assertiveness confidence confident female empowerment self-esteem self-respect boundaries self-assured self-guide self-help self-assessment assertive language effective communicator decisive self-possessed authoritative dignity self-worth interpersonal self-love presence leadership leader role-model workplace professional positive author book marketing publicist

Chick Chapman
Chick Chapman is a writer of young adult literature who lives in the weird world of the French Quarter, New Orleans with his wife, Poppy, and their 5 cats. He has written several musicals and a ballet (produced under another name). His works are almost exclusively supernatural and he feels most at home surrounded by curiosities and wonders, ghosts, vampires, cryptids or any anomalous creatures. - Chick Chapman
Books: Camp Cryptid

Book tags: anomalous creatures supernatural cryptids suspense intrigue mystery fantastical action legends cryptozoology horror children's myths folk tales YA young new adult teens mysterious beasts series adventure urban fantasy paranormal mythical monsters curiosities wonders occult Chick Chapman Camp Cryptid writers community author book marketing publicist

Amazon Best Selling Author - Elizabeth Revill
A professional actress for many years fuelled my passion to write. Brought up in B’ham but proud of my Welsh heritage South Wales was a backdrop for 5 of my 6 Historical novels. My Suspense Thrillers, 5 in the DCI Allison series, a standalone Political Action Thriller The Electra Conspiracy & a Fantasy Adventure Sanjukta & the Box of Souls are all (13) represented by Substance Books. - Amazon Best Selling Author - Elizabeth Revill
Books: Llewellyn Family Saga   &  The Electra Conspiracy   &  Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls   &  The Forsaken And The Damned   &  Against and Turn Of The Tide

Book tags: fiction Wales Welsh novels mystery British historical period drama romantic romance historical suspense action adventure thriller British UK slave trade slavery Poldark costume drama South Wales Swansea Mumbles Gower WW2 World War II. coming of age UK British Welsh 20th Century Europe South Wales Crynant London Bethnal Green France Scotland.

Mimika Cooney
Mimika Cooney is a Best Selling Author, Podcast Host, Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, and Award-Winning Photographer. She is the author of Women’s Christian Living and Business books. A Spiritual Warfare manual "Worrier to Warrior: A Mother's Journey from Fear to Faith" has achieved Amazon best-selling status. Amazon Bestselling Author - Mimika Cooney
Books: Worrier to Warrior - a mother's journey from fear to faith

Book tags: women's women Christian living spiritual warfare manual effective tools memoir motherhood issues spiritual growth inspirational woman’s journey family systems empowerment self-acceptance true story fear grief depression suicide burnout anxiety shame lost hope emotional journey faith publicity marketing promotion advertising writers community author authortips bookmarketing publicists

Sean Poage
Historical fiction author, Sean Poage, has had an exciting and varied life, as a laborer, soldier, police officer, investigator, computer geek and author. Travelling the world to see history up close is his passion. Arthurian legend, the Dark Ages and ancient myths are his favorite subjects. He is also involved in fantasy and adventure writing. - Sean Poage
Books: The Retreat to Avalon - The Arthurian Age Book 1 Book 2 is coming soon.

Book tags: historical fiction novel fantasy adventure Avalon medieval Arthurian legend adventure series Dark Ages of Britain Celtic myths mythology wizards warriors epic trilogy Geoffrey Ashe King Arthur medieval Roman Camelot Mordred Lancelot Saxon The Holy Grail Celts Arthur's Greatest Knight romance Riothamus Round Table Excalibur Warlord Morgan Le Fay Merlin wizard magic Greco-Roman

Steve Moretti
I am drawn to passion and creativity with a special affection for music - the language of human emotion. I write historical fiction / fantasy with one series complete, Song for a Lost Kingdom and a follow-up, Michael Angelo, in progress. I am also collaborating on a book about Tchaikovsky entitled Pyotr. Great works of art do not spring forth without a struggle commensurate to their immortality.
Awards: - Steve Moretti
Books: Song for a Lost Kingdom - Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 | The Prequel

Book tags: fantasy time-travel time travel romance historical music musicians family saga strong female protagonist Jacobite rebellion 1745 Battle of Culloden 18th century Prince Charles Edward Stuart Scotland Scottish Ireland trilogy adventure magical realism Outlander series Henry ‘Hangman’ Hawley England history Duke of Cumberland medical

Jacqueline McLeod
Jacqueline McLeod's lifelong passion for self-development led her to the studies of Tarot, Astrology, spirituality and alternative health. Her life experience, observation of society and desire to eliminate patriarchy's violence and domination led her to write her inspirational guide Feminine Masculine Balance: A Paradigm Shift For A Peaceful And Abundant Society. - Jacqueline McLeod
Books: Feminine Masculine Balance: A Paradigm Shift For A Peaceful And Abundant Society

Book tags: guide book self-help health lifestyle balance mind body spirit spirituality inspirational healing awareness practical feminine energy masculine energy embracing inspirational alternative health world humanistic psychology behavioral psychology energy healing mental spiritual healing masculine-dominated society call against violence domination Women's March, Black Lives Matter #timesup

Stanley E. Wiklinski
Stanley E. Wiklinski, MFA is a retired Naval Officer a Broadway actor and a Royal Dragonfly award winning author of a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book. The Christmas That Almost Never Was is an inspirational Christmas tale; filled with whimsy, wonder, fantasy, humor and magical adventures. Santa Claus with the villagers of Santaville, and some adorable polar bears save Christmas from being lost to children everywhere.
Awards: 1st place - Royal Dragonfly Picture Books 6 and Older - Stanley E. Wiklinski
Books: The Christmas That Almost Never Was

Book tags:Christmas spirit gift book Santa adventure inspirational imaginative whimsical warm enchanting comic heraldic humor nostalgic joyous dreamlike humorous holiday classic illustrated Xmas story reindeer polar bears teamwork children's middle-grade middle grade kids fiction

Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.
Ayn Cates Sullivan, MA, MFA, Ph.D. obtained her Masters and Doctorate in Literature from Columbia University and King’s College London. Sullivan focuses on folktales for the modern age and has been awarded thirty literary awards. Her series, “Legends of the Grail” includes three books of myth: Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales, Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses and novel, Nimue: Freeing Merlin. - Amazon Best Selling Author - Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.
Books: Legends of the Grail     Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales     Nimue     A Story of Becoming

Book tags: Celtic myths legends Goddesses self-discovery love hope spiritual self-help relationship history fantasy Irish grail inspiring fable new-age psychological reality mythology folk tales fairy tales personal mythic journey meditations visualizations visionary personal transformation

DM Coffman
DM Coffman specializes in clean flinch-free suspense thrillers, some with a Chinese-American twist and set in exotic China based on strange experiences while living there. She is the author of The Net Series. Her writing combines international intrigue, espionage, a little romance, and a lot of fast-paced action adventure within China's juridical system. - DM Coffman
Books: The Net Conspiracy - Book One I The Hainan Conflict - Book Two I The Panama Contagion - Book Three

Book tags: clean fiction flinch-free clean reads thriller conspiracy suspense mystery espionage legal political international intrigue adventure spy Chinese-American Chinese politics corruption China's judicial system South China Sea undercover agent attorney fact-based fiction World Trade Organization Rule of Law evil organization U.S. attacks action-adventure undercover publicity marketing promotion

Dan Pagano
As an author I especially enjoy the exploration of fantastic realms filled with fantastic creatures. I am predominantly a fantasy author, though I do dabble in other genres. In my storytelling I am particularly drawn to deep insightful explorations of the subconscious, so my characters always have a depth and a heart to them, along with a generous supply of pain and deep psychological scarring. - Dan Pagano
Books: Revenge Soldiers

Book tags: military fiction adventure action-adventure epic dystopian paranormal thriller suspense new young adult pandemic epic battle genocide science fiction SF self esteem reliance deadly race teamwork coming of age survival anti-establishment movement

M. J. Twomey
Irish author of historical fiction thriller, military, and adventure novels living in Costa Rica. Adventures as a yacht racer and professional deep-sea diver provided experiences that allow me to share the emotions of fear and conflict with readers of historical fiction thriller, military, and adventure genres. I survived a yacht wreck and an underwater accident deep below a North Sea oil rig. - M. J. Twomey
Books: Anything but Treason

Book tags: Victorian military fiction adventure historical thriller mystery Ireland civil war crime brigade Victoria invasion of Nicaragua William Walker combat Sevastopol famine soldier treason cavalry history Filibuster War action-adventure Crimea Britain England Central America

Barry B. Wright
First generation Canuck, British stock, WWII, murder mystery my youthful lot. Novels twigged adventure, suspense, drama, espionage plot. Imagined Nazi spies, pilot o’er England sky that popped. Dreamt the night train to Berlin, evaded Paris Gestapo, a guilty, psychopath, murderous crop within. Now pen 20th century history mystery thriller, police inspectors, psychics, justice on killer. - Barry B. Wright
Books: Angel Maker

Book tags: espionage spy thriller mystery crime investigation World War II European WW2 Nazy Germany Soviet Union NKVD MI6 secret agents historical novel spies murder action adventure suspense romance romantic psychopath Jews literary saga epic family drama

Lou Macaluso
Lou Macaluso writes historical fiction, suspense thrillers, and mysteries based on true stories. His latest book based on the true daring escape by a group of senior citizens from East to West Berlin during the Cold War includes romance and a coming-of-age saga. Lou has also written a screenplay based on the book which is now in negotiations for a feature film. - Lou Macaluso
Books: The Greatest Escape

Book tags: European historical fiction adventure East West Berlin Wall German history Cold War exodus great escapes Communist Party bloc Stasi defectors post-war Europe tunnels thriller senior citizens iron curtain true story inspirational Eastern Western Bloc resistance GDR true events

Amazon Best Selling Author - Nora D’Ecclesis
Nora D’Ecclesis is an American bestselling non-fiction author and Haiku poet writing on the topics of spirituality and mindfulness. Zen concepts motivated her writing of Hygge, Keyif, Frilufsliv, Gemutlichkeit. Nora’s published non-fiction include bestseller Spiritual Portals published by Blackstone Audio. Spiritual Portals won the New Apple Literary Award as the Solo Medalist in Spirituality. - Amazon Best Selling Author - Nora D'Ecclesis
Books: Haiku     Multicultural Mindfulness

Book tags: Shintoism haiku guide spiritual existence poetry Zen Shinto mindfulness history of spirituality spiritualism religion Christian Ashoka Buddhist Buddhism how to how-to meditate multiculturalism mindfulness acceptance-based therapies mindful practice international perspective

Mark Dobosz
Mark Dobosz provides an inspirational guide to help you towards spiritual growth and understanding the principles of Christian living through self-reflection and self-actualization. Mark's short-read guide provides clarity in reaching a better understanding of yourself. - Mark Dobosz
Books: Simple Man Simple Message

Book tags: guide refocus spirituality self-improvement self-actualization inspirational personal growth love self-love faith soul god relationships life journey simplicity Christian introspection principles self-help short read living in the moment thought-provoking self-reflection acceptance

Marc Pillay
Marc is a legal & corporate professional with 3 published non-fiction, self-help books. Marc explores the psychology behind and different philosophies around the concept of success in one’s career and personal life. He goes further in his 2nd book to explore success in business strategy and how it is directly impacted by organizational culture. Marc takes a candid, critical look at accepted norms. - Marc Pillay
Books: LIFE DEMYSTIFIED     Corporate Culture Demystified

Book tags: business culture corporate strategy strategic leader leadership guide management teamwork company organization performance employee career corporate engagement success goals goal-setting understanding career planning mindset mentality practical self-help strategy

James J. Scott
James J. Scott shares an inspirational memoir of tragedy and forgiveness, hard work and perseverance, love and faith in God, patriotism and military service. He is now a retired military officer, currently working abroad. James was born in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in the small town of Ridge Spring, South Carolina. He and his wife Yolanda Barnes-Scott are the parents to three amazing children. - James J. Scott
Books: Changing Faces

Book tags: USA American memoir inspirational spiritual journey forgiveness military self help therapy counseling believe role models abuse domestic family violence tragedy trauma hard work love God the city of brotherly love Philadelphia black university South Carolina HBCU autobiography

Kaylin McFarren
Kaylin McFarren, a popular Northwest author, has received over 48 national literary awards for her her novels, which include: Severed Threads, Buried Threads, Banished Threads and Twisted Threads. Her time travel adventure, High Flying, is filled with exciting scenes and unexpected twists. In addition, she is writing a new paranormal series. Book 1 Soul Seeker is taking her supernatural cast of characters quite literally to Hell and back while thoroughly entertaining her readers. - Kaylin McFarren
Books: Threads Series 1, 2, 3 and 4  &  High Flying  &  SOUL SEEKER

Book tags: passionate romance adventure kidnapping erotic eroticism thriller supernatural suspense mystery series action adventure shipwreck dark prophecy samurai swords Yakuza gang paranormal demons Lucifer thriller fantasy time travel

Stephen Foehr
Stephen Foehr's twelve fiction and nonfiction books reflects his life long interest in mystery, travel, and music. His latest novel is a crime mystery that interlaces a heist, murder, love, and the intrigues of sexual identity, while taking the reader on a tour of London. In all his books, Stephen Foehr probes the liminal borders of the mysteries in human nature. - Stephen Foehr
Books: Stealing Fortune's Brick

Book tags: novel historical mystery organized crime heist murder betrayal double-cross quest self-identity history modern-day London British Brit revenge bluff scheming espionage secret auction international tea China Chinese Indian culture clever bold daring duplicity urban romantic post-colonial

Peter S. Rush
Peter S. Rush worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, Peace Corps volunteer, and police officer. Wild World, his award-winning historical fiction novel, is a crime, mystery, love story set in the turbulent times of the early 1970s. His second novel, Young Americans, is a crime, mystery story and will be released in 2020. - Peter S. Rush
Books: Wild World

Book tags: historical urban mystery novel adventure Coming of Age Fiction Vietnam era 1970s Kent State Massacre novel crime police corruption thriller American music pop culture romance romantic USA US American love story mystery Vietnam anti-war anti-establishment movements Brown University It’s a Wild World Cat Stevens Crosby

Quinn Avery
After crafting stories for over thirty-five years, Quinn Avery just recently found her favorite genre when creating the Bexley Squires cozy mystery series. The five contemporary suspense-thrillers are sexy and smart, allowing Quinn to showcase her quirky sense of humor. Quinn and her husband divide their time between their acreage and lake home in Southern Minnesota. - Quinn Avery
Books: The Dead Girl's Stilettos: A Bexley Squires Mystery, Book 1

Book tags: urban contemporary mystery thriller investigation suspense humorous woman female sleuth smart investigative journalism journalist Hollywood vigilante justice murder abduction human trafficking games noir comedy police private investigator PI criminal American billionaire millionaire wealthy beach romance serial killer rich and famous celebrity

Jenny Cailing Pugh
Jenny Cailing Pugh's spiritual book, Spice Up Your Soul, models the material manifestation of her belief and values system that are the results of long years of research and studies in Humanities, the Philosophy of Man and the Universal Laws. She worked as a government high school teacher as well as college professor. She is a happily married, living in Indiana. She has eight grandchildren. She is proud of her Philippine heritage. - Jenny Cailing Pugh
Books: Spice Up Your Soul

Book tags: interpersonal relationship inspirational spiritual awareness journey personal growth development cautiousness mindfulness spirituality faith aspiration self-confidence self-esteem self-help self-value self-discovery higher self life purpose affirmations guide emotional intelligence God Divine joy happiness success visionary

Tim Malven
Growing up in rural Iowa, Christmas was a special time. Malven brings the true meaning of Christmas to life in this soon to be children’s illustrated holiday classic. Focusing on family values, he blends financial difficulties with the element of anticipating something better. Belief, magic and celebration surrounds this family as it will for the families who read it together. - Tim Malven
Books: The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

Book tags: children children's holiday true meaning Christmas adventure believe celebration illustrated fiction early grade kids youth Santa Clause story family financial difficulties budgeting reindeer magic gifts gift book presents happiness imagination

Liam Cadoc
Cadoc, historical fiction & action-adventure author, creates a balance of historical fact and fiction by spending a large part of his conceptual writing on researching the medieval world in which the characters will inhabit. "I am fascinated by England's medieval history and hope that my readers will come away with a better understanding and appreciation for how people survived and endured." - Liam Cadoc
Books: The Archer's Diary

Book tags: historical fiction action-adventure medieval world history mystery action adventure novel series epic crime murder England international intrigue treasure hunt hidden buried Wales Australia Celts Normans knights armor archery Robin Hood tale longbows Sherwood forest Norman invasion folk tale folklore legend British Welsh Celtic

Robert W. Walker
Born in MS in 1948, Robert W. Walker, author of over 80 books has been shaped by a Chicago upbringing to pen gritty noir mysteries & forensic novels. "I write reality-based frightful thrillers & suspense. As an English Lit. teacher, I have, of course, studied the classics both in book & film to shape & crank out action adventure along with a breathtaking array of serial killers." - Robert W. Walker
Books: DEAD ON INSTINCT a Dr. Jessica Coran, FBI, Medical Thriller (The Instinct Series title Book 15)

Book tags: mystery action-adventure suspense suspense-thriller medical ocean thriller murder forensics adventure examiner coroners doctors crime scene investigation series CSI FBI underwater autopsy diving political conspiracy intrigue assassination criminal minds serial killer strong females characters scientists detective undersea explorer exploration fast-paced

Charles Harris
Charles Harris’ novels have a noir twist, from political satire to urban crime, and he has been nominated for Wishing Shelf and Eyelands awards. A prize-winning writer-director for film and TV as well as a martial artist, he has worked with police and criminals and written a popular handbook of unofficial cop slang. Currently, he’s finishing a conspiracy thriller set in the defence industry. - Charles Harris
Books: The Breaking of Liam Glass: A gripping satirical tale of tabloid scoops and betrayal

Book tags: investigative journalism thriller murder tabloid novel mystery dark action-adventure suspense crime reporter suspense-thriller adventure crime scene investigation law enforcement racism political conspiracy intrigue tabloids film-maker modern inner city London noir fake-news publicist agent ethnic tension political intrigue satire journalism media humour

Amazon Best Selling Author - Eris Field
After careers in teaching Psychiatric Nursing and assisting her husband in Neuroresearch, Eris now spends her time in writing contemporary, international romances. Her stories feature psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Settings include the U.S., Istanbul, Turkey, and Amsterdam and Leiden in The Netherlands. Themes include arranged marriages, child refugees, and destiny as choice.- Amazon Best Selling Author - Eris Field
Books: Abbey's Search for Sanctuary & Jamie's Christmas Magi

Amazon Best Selling Author - Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas is a life-long Alaskan. He has written two books: “The Lion Trees” (winner of the Kindle Book award for fiction and many others); and “Signs of Passing” (a book of interconnected short stories, and winner of 14 book awards, including the Pacific Book Awards for Short Fiction, also named one of the 100 Most Notable Books of 2015 by Shelf Unbound Magazine). - Amazon Best Selling Author - Owen Thomas
Books: The Lion Trees

Book tags: novel Socio socio-fiction fiction modern contemporary American family drama satire personal growth life of writer literary American family saga romantic humor Psychological Psychological Literary Fiction culture publicity marketing promotion advertising

David Allen Edmonds
David Allen Edmonds uses his experience as a teacher to write suspenseful mysteries filled with murder, political conspiracy and vigilante justice: crime thrillers set in a suburban high school. Edmonds’ fictional teachers help children by battling ignorance and crime. His amateur sleuths seek justice and confront revenge. Like most schools this mystery adventure is populated with strong female characters. - David Allen Edmonds
Books: Personal Pronouns

Book tags: thriller suspenseful mystery book murder political conspiracy vigilante justice crime thrillers suburban high school amateur sleuths revenge strong female characters action-adventure adventure publicity marketing promotion advertising writers book marketing publicists book promotion category Amazon tips marketing Personal Pronouns David Allen Edmonds

Stuart Masters
Stuart Masters' interest in the American Old West began as a young child when his dad bought him a book about Wyatt Earp. This morphed into a desire to learn about the Old West and its characters. Being a natural born teller of tall tales he chose to write his own classic frontier action-adventure stories. His latest Western, “Devil Be Damned,” is such a story. - Stuart Masters
Books: Devil Be Damned

Book tags: western classic adventure suspense American historical fiction suspense mystery action-adventure epic drama justice revenge frontier pioneer journey Louis L'Amour family saga gunslinger betrayal coming of age Yellowstone Park national park Al Bell invention telephone author book marketing publicists book promotion category marketing Amazon tips A9

Kevin C Popp
My name is Kevin Popp and I write romantic horror stories. Romantic horror is a mixture of evil mutants, extreme violence with an immortal character or two who emits a sexual dominating attitude. All my life I have been obsessed with genetic mutations, human experiments, and evil monsters. I had an interest in the Nazi movement during World War II. So I created, The Garrison Series. - Kevin C Popp
Books: Eva - The Garrison Series Book 4

Book tags: horror romantic thriller dark urban romance adventure domination mature adult mature audience suspense supernatural immortal mutants Nazi World War II lesbian erotic terror occult suspense mystery politics corruption evil organization action-adventure author network community marketing Amazon tips marketing online book publicity

Paul DeBlassie III
Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D. is a depth psychologist and award-winning writer living in his native New Mexico. His novels, visionary thrillers, delve deep into archetypal realities as they play out dramatically in the lives of everyday people. Memberships include the Author's Guild, the Depth Psychology Alliance, the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. - Paul DeBlassie III
Books: Goddess of the Wild Thing     The Unholy

Dietmar Arthur Wehr
Dietmar Arthur Wehr is a Canadian SF author who began his writing career at the age of 58 after working as a Financial Analyst/Manager for many years. He writes the kinds of military SF, space opera and hard science fiction that he enjoys reading. Recent novels include an alternate history technothriller, The Hunt for Seawolf 4. Many of his books have audiobook versions. Amazon and USA Today Bestselling Author - Dietmar Arthur Wehr
Books: The Hunt For Seawolf 4 A War Against The Black Sun novel & The Glory Game - Book 1 + 2

Daniel Bodenstein
Dan Bodenstein is a software engineer, product manager, nature lover and author of multiple children's picture books. His longtime fascination with pirates has paid off with his latest creative accomplishment, a young-adult pirate adventure novel, The Legend of Buc Buccaneer. He currently lives in South Florida with his wife, two cats, and his dog Onyx. - Daniel Bodenstein
Books: The Legend of Buc Buccaneer

Book tags: epic fantasy animal fantasy pirate series action adventure illustrated fast-paced animal- fantasy fantasy Caribbean adventure young adult YA MG middle-grade middle grade anthropomorphic marketing promotion advertising

Adam Boustead
I am a blind twin living in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire uk. We are both authors. I try both poems and stories. More like black dragon to hatch. - Adam Boustead
Books: Black Dragon

D. Scott Johnson
D. Scott Johnson has been an IT professional since 1988, and currently works as a software developer. Aside from writing, he also mucks around with the ridiculous world of hi-fi audio, and just barely keeps his two classic Alfa Romeos on the road. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, daughter, and however many pets they have managed to sneak in to the house at any one time. - D. Scott Johnson
Books: Gemini Gambit Book 1, 2 and 3

Frank Linik
Frank Linik, an Army Airborne Ranger and author of the military novel of the Vietnam War, A Matter of Semantics, A Young Officers Decision: Duty or Loyalty in the Vietnam War, served as a rifle platoon leader in the Central Highlands in 1968-1969. His combat decorations include the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal and Combat Infantryman Badge. - Frank Linik
Book: A Matter of Semantics

S.B. Alexander
S.B. Alexander is a bestselling romance author of the Maxwell Series and the Vampire SEAL series. Her books are filled with stories that tug at your heart. Aside from writing, she is a huge baseball fan. She is also a navy veteran and former math teacher, and loves white powdered donuts. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing golf and hanging out with friends and family. - Amazon Best Selling Author - S.B. Alexander
Books: Maxwell Series 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 7     Vampire SEAL Series 1,2,3,4 and 5

Amazon Best Selling Author - Barry Finlay
Barry Finlay honed his skills writing financial policy for the Canadian Federal Government. He wrote his first non-fiction book, the inspirational and spiritual Kilimanjaro and Beyond, after climbing Africa's highest mountain at age 60 with his son Chris. His books have won multiple awards and he received the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal for his fundraising efforts to help kids in Tanzania. - Amazon Best Selling Author - Barry Finlay
Books: Kilimanjaro and Beyond

JT Hobbs
I'm a dad of three (now older) kids, and I loved reading books to them at bedtime during their formative years - several were a "must read" EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and it was this experience that has given me the impetus to write (hopefully!) engaging children's books. My intention is to write for kids and parents alike, so it's a great experience for all involved. Amazon Bestselling Author - JT Hobbs
Books: Mike Saves the Day - Pufferfish Adventures Book 1

Book tags: children's books marine life fish books adventure illustrated self-love self-confidence self-esteem self-acceptance self-respect action animal fantasy animal adventure picture book inspirational underwater adventure children's books emotions feelings children's fish books children's imagination play fiction children's explore the world fiction publicity marketing promotion

H. Allenger
I grew up in Montana and then Washington state. I earned a BA in Public Administration and an MBA in International Relations. After seven years in the military and thirty-one years with the Seattle School District, I am now retired and pursuing my true interests, which include archaeology, history, mythology, and writing. I currently reside in Seattle, Washington, and enjoy travelling the world. - H. Allenger
Books: Polyxena     Ahuitzotl

Francine Paino
Ms. Paino currently resides in Austin Texas, but for over 20 years she was involved in the world of dance, working for several ballet schools and companies on Long Island. Books currently promoted by OBP are To Live and both thriller / suspense with paranormal elements dealing with aspects of the ballet world, mystery and history. - Francine Paino
Book: To Live and Die for Dance

Historical Fantasy Dieselpunk Author

Sarah Zama
Sarah Zama fell in love with history in her school years and has transferred that love into her historical paranormal stories. A lover of Art Deco and old black and white mystery movies, as well as great fantasy, she was probably fated to end up writing dieselpunk adventures full of ghosts, gangsters, social upheaval and intercultural clash. Her stories revolve around self-discovery and freedom. - Sarah Zama
Books: Ghosts Through the Cracks

Book tags: historical dieselpunk fantasy fiction mystery thriller suspense action adventure drama mystery paranormal vampire ghosts romantic 1920s Chicago magical realism interracial romance gangsters alternate history flapper steampunk retropunk twisted haunting urban dark obsession Sarah Zama Ghosts Through the Cracks

Linda S Rice
A steamy time-travel romance author Linda Rice. The Necklace - The Dusky Club, June 1962, with a taste of suspense and humor. Writing has become an addiction to Linda. Ideas for numerous scenarios and characters keep flooding her brain, with the characters screaming, "Write about me! Write about me!" And, that's exactly what she does.
Download her book. It's FREE! - Linda S Rice
Books: The Necklace I

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American Humorous salesmanship anecdote author

James Howard
James Howard, business professional turned de facto salesman critic, shares humorous sales call fails from 30 years as a sales customer. This non-fiction collection of funny business anecdotes gives crucial insight on what not to do, as well as provides priceless tips for success from some of the best sales people in the business. He enjoys fiction writing from his seaside home in Florida. - James Howard
Books: 10 Sales Tips from the Quintessential Salesperson: Or How to Avoid Sales Call Foibles That Can Wreck Your Bottom Line

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Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia is a Hispanic truck driver from Los Angeles. His memoir is touching, inspirational but raw. Very much like the life and circumstances he had to endure. Drugs and homelessness are overshadowing his path. Meet Carlos Garcia and read the journey of a Latino runaway to a hard-working father. "Life does not come without the struggle, but it is the struggle that builds you stronger." - Carlos Garcia
Books: The Struggle

Book tags: biographies autobiography inspirational memoirs ethnic Hispanic Latino runaway social science self-help personal transformation self-transformation trucking self transformation crime true story drugs homelesness self recovery addiction family drama immigrant fleeing war runaway gangs initiation juvenile life sentence detention growing up in jail self rebuild work ethics

Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Comedy Adventure author

Andrew Valentine
Andrew is an award winning novelist and screenwriter, and freelance journalist, who lives and writes in New York. He is a founding member of the Paranormal Romance Guild. Andrew holds a masters degree in psychology from the New School for Social Research and is a marketing director at a direct marketing firm where his writing is more effective in generating revenue than pulse-pounding thrills. - Andrew Valentine
Books: Troublemaker

Lily Rose
Lily Rose has a big imagination, it is natural for her to write in the paranormal fantasy and science fiction genres. She had a lot of fun creating the fantastical misfit monster world for The Jumble Sale, for middle-grade readers. Her values in recycling and upcycling, and developing a community where all help each other and work together were important values to incorporate into the story. - Lily Rose
Books: The Jumble Sale - Adventures of the Misfit Monsters Book 1

Science Fiction / Sc-Fi / SF, Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Action Adventure author

Dr. Shawn Phillips
Shawn Phillips is the site director of AFRL Rocket Lab, located within the Mojave Desert of California. He received his bachelor's degree in chemistry from Hope College and his PhD from UC Irvine. Darkened Demigod: Weapon of War is his latest fantasy novel, capturing the essence of a dark soul seeking redemption by saving humankind from alien oppression. - Dr. Shawn Phillips
Books: Darkened Demigod

Patrick McClafferty
Patrick McClafferty has had a long and varied career, beginning in Vietnam and continuing as a martial arts instructor. After a thirty-year career in the Air Force, he is finally fulfilling a lifelong goal of writing science fiction and dark urban fantasy. Daughter of the Mind is a shadowy dystopian novel of demons, devils and life after death. - Patrick McClafferty
Books: Daughter of the Mind

Book tags: dark fantasy paranormal suspense dystopian horror action-adventure urban demons single dad occult fiction metaphysical supernatural novel mystery creatures conspiracy biblical Armageddon hell dead rising resurrection parapsychology dysfunctional family drama metaphysical action demons devils

Cindy Burkart Maynard
Maynard has lived in the Southwest for over forty years. She is the author of two previous nonfiction works about the Colorado Plateau and the desert Southwest. Her most recent historical fiction is based on the archeological record of the ancestral Puebloans of the Four Corners area. - Cindy Burkart Maynard
Books: Soyala - Daughter of the Desert

Book tags: historical fiction novel adventure prehistorical pre-history indigenous people of the Southwest pre-hispanic history Colorado plateau Anasazi Pueblo Indians desert southwest Pre-European Ancestral Puebloans Archeology Pueblo ruins new world adventure Native American history

Elena Graf
Elena Graf has published three historical novels set in Germany during the Weimar Republic and the Nazi era. Lies of Omission, the second book in the Passing Rites Series, won a GCLS award for best Historical Fiction. She was inspired to write about this period after listening to her father, a German officer during World War II, describe his life under the Nazis. She lives in coastal Maine. - Elena Graf
Books: Lies of Omission, Passing Rites Book 3

Book tags: historical fiction romance epic romantic saga LGBT fiction lesbian Nazis Nazi doctors World War II WWII Third Reich resistance gay racial hygiene homophobia homophobic adventure author network community marketing Amazon tips marketing online book

Inspirational Biography, Social Justice Racial Equality, Public Housing Ministry USA

Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor, is a nationally known diversity consultant, author and documentary producer. A retired professor, he produced the award-winning documentary Decade of Discontent. Of his dozen authored books, his most recent, The Carmen Porco Story: Journey Toward Justice is an inspirational biography about a remarkable person who developed a transformational model to lift people out of poverty. - Charles Taylor
Books: The Carmen Porco Story - Journey Toward Justice

Sexy Adventure, Erotic Suspense Adventure novel author

Mollie Blake
Published by Black Opal Books in the USA, Mollie Blake lives in the UK and writes sexy, adult fiction, romantic suspense. Her latest book Keeping You is a sexy erotic suspense. Former finance director Mollie switched from analysing figures in her spreadsheets to creating steamy scenes for her characters between the bed sheets. She loves life with her husband and son and their dog. - Mollie Blake
Books: Keeping You

g. c. Ramirez
g. c. Ramirez grew up on a ranch in Montana where she played in the streams of rushing water and hide and seek in the trees on the back of her favorite horse. In the winter she discovered the magic of fantasy books as she escaped regularly into her favorite stories. She has published her first fantasy epic and post-apocalyptic book, "The Power of the Crystalline Trees". - g. c. Ramirez
Books: The Power of the Crystalline Trees

Sheryl Steines
Sheryl Steines is the author of Wizard War, the third book in The Wizard Hall Chronicles, an Urban Fantasy, Murder Mystery series. As a TV junkie and avid reader, Sheryl writes what she loves with a twist; detective meets monsters. When she's not writing, she's reading, traveling or creating art of any kind. - Sheryl Steines
Books: Wizard War

Book tags: dark urban fantasy romantic romance suspense novel wizards magic magical world paranormal action adventure vampires supernatural thriller mystery contemporary detective police procedural Sheryl Steines Wizard War The Wizard Hall Chronicles

Romantic Suspense, Mystery Adventure author

TC Winters
T.C. resides in the Midwest and enjoys outdoor activities. A member of both Indiana Romance Writers and Speed City Sister's In Crime, T.C. weaves fictional tales of mystery and suspense. Blue Falcon is a political thriller involving a female Marine suffering from PTSD, and an ATF agent who prefers a loner lifestyle. Forced together, they must learn to cooperate in order to survive. - TC Winters
Books: Sweet And Savage

Matthew O. Duncan
Matt is a Sci-fi / Fantasy novelist with five titles to his credit. His latest work, Lt. Reilly and the Blackbird Offensive is a Military Sci-fi adventure. Matt started his career in the Theater as an actor, director, and playwright. Then spend a number of years in business management and corporate recruiting. Today he lives in Phoenix AZ with his wife Carleesa and two sons Conner and Liam. - Matthew O. Duncan
Books: Lt. Reilly and the Black Bird Offensive

Robert Northam
Hey it's Robert. Author of the humorous new paranormal urban vampire mystery My Girlfriend the Vampire. Hope you have as much fun reading about my characters as I had creating them. As far as my background, I was in corporate finance for over 30 years and now I'm a published vampire novelist. Go figure. Hope you enjoy the book as there may be a sequel in our future. Thanks for reading! - Robert Northam
Books: My Girlfriend the Vampire

Robert Lee
Robert is a writer of fiction that intimately unfolds the depths of personal lives, their psychological secrets, mysteries and unexpected twists. His characters remain indelible in the memory of the reader as part of their own lives. He has been a publisher of women's journals and is a 30-year member of The Screen Actors Guild.. A sequel to "The Fall of Jack Edgerton" is currently in process. - Robert Lee
Books: The Fall of Jack Edgerton

Book tags: literary fiction novel mystery mysterious inspirational life journey USA US American love story infidelity tragic destruction ill-fated love Gladstone dust bowl migrant family publicity marketing promotion advertising writers community author

William Cain
I'm William Cain and I write fiction, murder mysteries tangled up with love stories. I've written two books in the ten book series so far, the Adelaide Henson Mystery Series. The publication date for Book 2 is December 1, 2019.
I enjoy writing and believe everyone has a good book in them. Everyone.
I'm married and have one son. - William Cain
Books: Mrs. Jones & Mr. Jones The Adelaide Henson Mystery Series