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Richard Cibrano

Historical thriller

Unthinkable is a turn of the century thriller set in the aftermath of one of history’s legendary tragedies.

When detective Francis Dimaio, supervisor of the Pinkerton detective agency’s Philadelphia bureau, read the telegram from Allan Pinkerton, ordering him to leave immediately for New York, he knew he would have to put off the vacation with his wife. What he couldn’t have known was that he was about to open an investigation into the deaths of more than 1500 people.

A few days earlier, former president Theodore Roosevelt arrived unexpectedly at Pinkerton’s office. In his possession was a letter from Major Archibald Butt. The aide de camp for President Taft, Butt was returning to the United States on the Titanic after a round of diplomacy with the King of Italy when he went down with the ship. Butt wrote that a representative of the Prime Minister approached him with knowledge of a plot, involving the sinking of a passenger liner, to incite the world to war. Most alarming, the agent suggested Titanic would be the perfect target. Roosevelt’s challenge—learn if there were indeed untold forces at work behind the Titanic tragedy.

There is an ageless appeal to the story of Titanic. I believe Unthinkable will attract a broad audience—those who continue to embrace the legend, and the devotees of historical fiction.

Historical Thriller Author: Richard Cibrano
Richard Cibrano
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